Coney Island Art

There's something wonderfully sad about Coney Island. The subway hits the buffers in a melancholy world where menus never change and rusting rides never run. Even newly commissioned street art seems less a celebration, more a plea from lost voices.

This is the coastal town that they forgot to close down
— Every Day Is Like Sunday

New York in Black and White

A few photos from the streets of New York. From Coney Island through Brooklyn and on to Manhattan.

Lovers that bless the dark on benches in Central Park.
— Autumn in New York

New York Buildings

A quick selection of some lesser known buildings (mostly abstract reflections) in Manhattan.

I like the way Manhattan has evolved. The new sprouts and grows like ivy around the old.

London doesn't do that. The Blitz and regeneration programmes has caused a certain homogeneity of development that lacks contrast and comparison.

'The Guggenheim', New York City

I finally got to see 'The Guggenheim' this summer. The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum to give it it's correct name, Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece. Wright's original concept was to use red stone cladding, this was substituted with white concrete render to cut costs.

It was a lot smaller than I expected and the location deprives the visitor of stepping fully back to experience the building as a whole. Maybe one day the surrounding buildings will be demolished but given Manhattan land prices I doubt it.

Much of the museum was closed for renovation when we visited but I was happy just to see and photograph it from the outside. And to visit the shop of course! 


Exhibitions: "Picasso Sculpture" at MoMA, New York

This show is just staggering. By far the most wonderful exhibition of sculpture I have ever seen.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see most of Picasso's 3D work presented together (it takes up eleven halls) and the curation results in a beautiful synergy of form that also serves to add meaning to many of his paintings.

Here are a few photos. Don't miss it if you have the chance. On until 7 February 2016.