Varanasi Sadhus

Varanasi is a photographers paradise. The holiest city for Hindus it attracts holy men and pilgrims throughout the year.

Jodhpur doors

The back streets of the 'Blue City' have some fabulous doors and windows. Many look as if they are hundreds of years old.

Varanasi: The One Sided City

Varanasi is built on the banks of The Ganges, the holiest of rivers. It is entirely built on the west bank, there is nothing on the opposite bank. The city was founded by the god Shiva and is the spiritual heart of India. The city faces the sun as it rises over the Ganges, the new day is born over the holy river. why build the city anywhere else?

The west bank and the city.

The east bank.

More Pehlwani wrestlers: Varanasi

Pehlwani (or Kushti) wrestling makes a fascinating subject if you are lucky enough to visit a training school. These guys made me so welcome and sitting with them on the banks of The Ganges sharing breakfast is one of those reasons I travel.