Azerbaijan: The Heydar Aliyev Centre

I love this building. Completed in 2012 and designed by British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid it sits in the middle of the capital Baku and I drove past it every day on my way to work. It houses a museum, library and concert hall.


Its fluid shapes echo the folds of the nearby Caucasus Mountains and the main structural twist around the glazed entrance wall appears to be unending and in perfect balance. Very Zen. Not very Soviet. Sensual and powerful.

The steel and reinforced concrete frame is clad with polyester reinforced fibreglass in shades of white that appears to flow like a scarf in the wind.

Wouldn't you love to skate this?

Wouldn't you love to skate this?

The photo above gives an idea of scale. It reminds me of a 60's TV vision of a moon base or the TWA Flight Centre at JFK Airport.