Cambodia: Street Markets

Two places will always draw me as a photographer. Railway stations and markets. It's there that you will find all humanity and a photo opportunity at every step. 

Every Cambodian village and town has a produce market ranging from five or six stalls in the villages like Bantay Chamar to the vast Russian Market in Phnom Penh and Cambodia Market in Siem Reap.

Vegetarians won't fair well in Cambodia, the diet is mostly meat or fish based and large areas of the market are set aside for the butchers and fishmongers.

One noticeable thing about markets in Cambodia is the (relative) lack of smell. The animals are butchered and sold the same morning and there is no need for preservingspices. The meat is as fresh as you can get and much of the produce is still alive. I saw countless bowls of live turtles and catfish, even cages of dogs.

The market stalls are operated by the wives. There are no prices on show and everything is bargained for.